Abaco share its experience as Web Summit 2018 Partner

Abaco considers its presence at the largest technology conference in the World, Web Summit, a success.

This success has been extended to all Abaco initiatives with some of their products implemented such as the inCloud for Safemed Solution, the This Is APPStation Challenge and the Canary solution.

The approaches were varied as well as the business opportunities.

Abaco was referenced in several media articles, in a large variety of social media sharing’s and has been represented by a strong panel of collaborators who have added value to the brand, enhance the network capabilities as well as the acquisition of knowledge. >> View here

The inCloud for Safemed and Canary solutions, being represented in beta program stand, created a deep recognition in the middle as well as within the own organization of Web Summit. There´s a promising future ahead. >> Read here and here.

With the initiative This Is APPStation, Abaco managed to take a startup with a completely new and innovative application, Brainec, to booth in the Alpha Program and the feedback was amazing. >> More info here

Innovation is all around us, Abaco has reinforced its image and will continue the work in progress supported by the acquisition of talent and knowledge, by nurturing creativity and new ideas conducting its activity with differentiating principles of sustainability.

The future is now!

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