This is APPStation winner Brainec at Web Summit

This is APPStation first edition is over. Brainec was considered by the final jury panel as the This is APPStation 1st edition winner – selected between more than 50 participants. Brainec received a money prize, gadgets and vouchers from the sponsors, as well as the opportunity to exhibit their project at Web Summit, last November 7 in Lisbon.

This initiative was only possible because of the support and fully dedication of a large panel qualified judges for this purpose as well as a great variety of supports and sponsorships, causes and movements that together worked in the sense of evolution.
This is APPStation had representation in areas such as education, industry, entrepreneurship, women empowerment as well as media society.

During Web Summit, Brainec has experienced very interesting connections with journalists, that saw in this innovative APP a way to reinvent writing and relieve them from the pressure of videos, design and visual infographics. Brainec is now working in a new landing page, in order of attract more media to create visual blogging.

The feedback Brainec had about This is APPStation and their presence at Web Summit was very positive: “It did surpass my expectations in terms of learning I have to say. I was expecting to learn a lot, but I already learnt much more. And I feel it’s also thanks to your mentoring sessions. Sessions especially regarding the roadmap/evolution and company governance were very transforming and enriching for me. They set me on a journey to a different mindset for the conference. The only misfortune is that there wasn’t more time for this different mindset to completely manifest, but I can’t wait already for that to happen in the course of next weeks. I’m very grateful for and happy about the whole experience”, says Viktor Futó, CEO at Brainec.

Now, This is APPStation team will continue to improve the mission to find the most innovative APPs at the market. We are working on a second edition, with a different and full of surprises concept. New information coming soon.

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