Please read carefully the following Regulations before submitting your application. 



1.º Introduction and Objectives

a) “This is APPStation” challenge is organized by VAR3F, Consultoria Informática E Sistemas, S.A. (hereinafter “Ábaco Consultores”) and intends to recognize and promote the most innovative technological application among the participants, from a perspective of economic, social and technological development.

b) “This is APPStation” aims to promote, support and help implement projects that are innovative, economically and financially viable and have a driving effect in the global market context.

c) “This is AppStation” contest aims to discover the most innovative projects, and will choose the best to present during the Web Summit Technology Conference (which will take place in Lisbon in November).


2.º Frequency

“This is APPStation” takes place between 27th of August 2018 and 8th of November 2018:



3.º Eligible candidates

a) Individuals may participate either individually or in groups (provided that at least 1 member of the group is of legal age), as well as legal persons, with the purpose of exploring an entrepreneurial and innovative idea in the technological area.

b) Elegible participants: Entrepreneurs who/or have developed/being developing an innovative technological application in the market. 


4.º Non-Eligible Candidates

a) You will not be able to apply for this challenge: the persons belonging to the staff and governing bodies of the challenge organization;

b) All relatives in direct line of the members of the Jury and of the organization.


5.º Exclusions

You will be excluded from “This is APPStation” without prior notice, to those individuals whose applications meet onr or more of the following conditions: 

a) Participation using false, inaccurate or incomplete registration data;

b) Manipulation, modification, elimination or deletion of data or software associated with the contest, namely that may have the effect of altering the results, favoring the candidates, or causing detriment to other users;

c) Any and all illegal and unlawful actions to gain competitive advantage during the contest.



6.º Methodological Requirements

a) The challenge is open to technological applications from different economic sectors.

b) Projects must show indicators of economic and financial sustainability, which may be in the development phase or already developed.

c) The projects must be original, and the proponents are responsible for their originality.


7.º Participation Conditions and projects presentation

a) Registration is free. The registration page is available at the following web address:

b) The projects must be presented in English and/or Portuguese and signed by any of the tenderers, who will assume all responsibility for the participation. In case the competitor is a legal person, the proposal will be subscribed by its legal representative.

c) Each candidate (whether individual or collective) may submit more than one project.

d) Any application submitted after the deadline will not be considered and will not participate in the challenge.

e) All candidates approved to finalist round agree to grant the rights to reproduce images and other representations of their own that have been submitted in the challenge. This consent is intended to promote and advertise through the internet, social media and other media channels, with the purpose of promoting the challenge and the organizing company.


8.º Nature of the Works

a) The application must contain a presentation, .pdf format, of the project and or other elements that value the innovative character of the same application (eg portofolio). An abbreviated CV of all team members should be sent.

b) Failure to submit any of the elements described may lead to the exclusion of the project.


9.º Deadline

a) The application submission deadline date is scheduled on midnight the 12th October 2018, via the website:

b) The jury’s evaluation will be announced on 17th of October.

d) The 12 finalists will pitch their project to the jury, this will take place on the 27th October. This is when the winner will be announced. 

e) The top three finalists will receive monetary prizes. The winner will receive a mentoring week from October 29th to November 2nd with a dedicated team, and the opportunity to present their project for free at a Web Summit Booth.

f) Any project, even if not finalist, can receive an investment offer from our sponsors or from Abaco Consultores. Candidates are free to accept these offers or not.


10.º Clarifications Request

In cases where doubts persist, in any of the phases of the Competition, the Organization may request further clarification from the Candidates.


11.º Confidentiality

  1. Without prejudice to the provisions of the law, it is the duty of the Organization, as well as all its associates and auxiliary members, to treat and maintain an absolute obligation of confidentiality in respect of information of any nature relating to the ideas/project , to come in any way to take notice.
  2. The Organization, as well as all its respective members, associates and auxiliaries, also expressly undertake to:

          a) to use the information solely and exclusively for the purpose of the Contest, refraining from any use outside that context, either for its own benefit or for the benefit of third parties, and regardless of purposes, namely for patent registration, own exploitation or licensing of exploration;

         b) strictly observe the information provided by the Organization in relation to the dissemination of information, and should also consult the Candidate beforehand, whenever there is any doubt as to the possibility of disclosure of certain information.



12.º Selection Phases

Project evaluation is based on the following general criteria: economic-financial viability, utility, innovation, technological development, motivation and team.

a)  In the first round, 12 finalists will be selected.

b) The 12 finalists of the competition must make the pitch to the jury, in order to select only 1 winner.


13.º Winners Announcement

The announcement of the winners will take place on October 27, through email, telephone contact, disclosure at web address and in the challenge associated social networks.



14.º Panel of Juries

a) The Jury will be composed of persons of recognized competence and suitability, representatives of entities that are or not Abaco Consultores partners.

b) The Jury will be assisted in the evaluation of the projects, by a Technical Team, whose constitution will be the responsibility of the Organization, and may consult other personalities to better evaluate the application proposals.


15.º Mission

The Jury will have the following attributions:

a) Ensure rigor and transparency throughout the process of analysis and evaluation of applications;

b) Elect the winning project of the challange;

c) Decide not to award the prize, if the lack of quality of the projects so justifies;

d) Decide on the award of other prizes or change them.

e) The deliberations of the Jury shall be taken by a simple majority of the votes of the present members, and the Chairman shall have the quality vote.


16.º Jury Deliberations

a) The decisions of the Jury shall be final and there shall be no appeal.

b) The Jury reserves the right to request any clarification on the Projects presented.

c) The Jury reserves the right to require the submission of supporting documents, reserving the right to declassify if the truth is not confirmed.


17º Criteria of Appreciation

The criteria for evaluating the submitted work is the following:


18.º Scope of the Prize

a) Prizes will be awarded in cash and non-cash (vouchers, supports, gadgets) to the winners of the competition

b) In addition to physical prizes, the opportunity to perform paid internships in the partner companies or organizer of this initiative may be given.



19.º  Clarifications

Clarifications, omissions and any doubts should be sent to


Your data will be incorporated into the Company’s database under the General Data Protection Regulation and the data will be used for the management of participation in the “This is APPStation” competition. Your personal data may be used to send information of this contest, unless otherwise stated.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the data subject is guaranteed the right to access, update, rectify or delete his or her personal data at any time, as well as the right to oppose the use of the data provided for the purposes marketing and / or sending information communications, and to do so, send an email to

For more information consult the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

This regulation may be reviewed without prior notice.


Last update: 2018-09-26